Some thoughts on how Christians should view Sunday

There is an increasing conflict surrounding the Lord’s Day/Sunday/Sabbath. We hold to Confessional Standards at Lifespring Church, using the 1689 Confession (Westminister), so when we teach through the confession yearly, this topic brings the most discussion. Yet in all of this, I have found almost all of the vehement arguments operate from an individualistic framework: What is forbidden for me on Sunday? What can I do?
What Is The Problem? “I.” “Me.” “Me and God”. Let me say that that is the entirely wrong operating system from which to operate, regardless if you are a Sabbatarian, new covenant person, dispensationalist, etc.
Christ saved you out of darkness and placed you in the family of God, the church. You are not autonomous. Biblically, there is no such existence carved out for a true Christian to be “church-less” and not join the church in all her physical gatherings. Christianity is a people.
Therefore, our church’s answer to both the Sabbatarians and Libertarians regarding what you do and don’t do on Sundays, what is permissible, and what is forbidden, it is to re-frame the conversion, not about Sabbath, but covenant community? We should always think about our faith in Christ Jesus “covenantally?”
Does not Scripture command Love the Lord your God, and…Love your neighbor as yourself? One cannot separate these commandments into silos or separate paths—if we commit to the latter in light of the former, the Sabbath/Sunday questions will be answered.
Therefore, join the church and commit to participating with, worshiping alongside, and serving your brothers and sisters with whom you have covenanted in the local church. Show up early and stay late on Sunday. Let neither work nor a sports league gets even play into the equation. These will always take time and focus away from your commitment to your church family. Will work or a sports league take you away from the church? The answer is obvious. Christianity is the pre-emptive and permanent team sport. It is the one to be prioritized.
When the formal and informal gathering of worship, prayer, edification, and teaching of your church ends, enjoy the day of rest and refreshment.

What Makes America Great? Free Boxes, thrift stores, and garage sales gleaning principles at work as rights of citizens to improve their position in life through hard work and resourcefulness

My observations and convictions on “prosperity.” 
Ecclesiastes 8:15 “I commend the enjoyment of life because there is nothing better for a person under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad.”
Jeremiah 17:7-8 Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out  roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.”
As I reflect upon the realities of where we find ourselves today as a family, I am acutely grateful and would testify to the prosperity of God in our lives, not only Spiritually, but the whole, physically. I am no Joel Osteen, with a “name it and claim” it over-spiritualization, but through God’s Creational mandate and Gospel of grace which affects our entire outlook upon this life (not merely escaping this world), we believe God’s normative way it to prosper his people, through family, children, church, and financial. This negates neither Providentially-orchestrated trials and suffering, nor in any way to deny the necessary hard work, for  I would testify, not merely to the fact “that” God has prospered us, but the how.
I am now in my 20th year as a Pastor, and thus, this is where I have always received nearly the entirety of my income. I am thankful for the consistent generosity of our church. I am as “middle class” as they come and I possess the acute knowledge that I will never get paid much more than I do today. Our church is small, yet steady and committed, and therefore, I also don’t have much fear that I will have to take a pay-cut anytime soon. The Lord has provided. He has even blessed and prospered us. I have 9 children and yet we have a large, beautiful, and orderly home, with constant (constant) redecorating and improvements upon it. Some of this has happened as a result of the providence of 3.14% interest when we purchased our home 9 years ago, as well as slowly building up equity and being in this same pastoral position in Crosby MN, for 12 years. Consistency does matter, it does lead to slow prosperity in many areas.
Yet, probably what has provided the bulk of this, the means, of how God has allowed us to prosper is the collective love of both Miriam and myself of Garage sales, thrifting, Facebook marketplace, craigslist, and free boxes. Almost everything in our home has a story of its origin. We built a sauna in the garage (for less than $300 with repurposed wood). We built a cabin with 2 lofts on our property for less than $100 (free wood which we repurposed). We have a boat (a gift) and a camper (a “steal of a deal” from the Facebook marketplace). We have some very nice used furniture. All of my clothes have come from garage sales. We have paid “pennies” on the dollar for almost all of our possessions. And we have made some extra vacation money through repurposing and then reselling.
It is the “how” of how God has provided and even prospered us, that makes me so appreciative of our God’s wisdom and that we are citizens of a nation which have recognized that.
In the OT, God instituted a principle and laws of gleaning, which meant that a wealthy landowner was required to not plow under and to leave the last row of crops for the poor and destitute (non-land-owners) to harvest. This was their social service, their social justice. They, the poor, had access to food and sustenance to barter, trade, and even improve their lot. They might not get rich, but they were self-sufficient. They had to come and get their produce themselves. They were productive and dignified. The wealthy didn’t have to give handouts and maintained private ownership of land. This is the backdrop of the story of Ruth and Boaz.
Leviticus 19:9-10 “When you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap your field right up to its edge, neither shall you gather the gleanings after your harvest. And you shall not strip your vineyard bare, neither shall you gather the fallen grapes of your vineyard. You shall leave them for the poor and for the sojourner: I am the Lord your God.
Proverbs 14:23 In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.
What makes America Great? Is not one of the realities both a strong middle class and the ability of a person to have “upward mobility” through hard work, ingenuity, saving, investing, etc. Both Private ownership of property as well as the ability to save and be resourceful.
Gleaning in our nation is possible because as someone who is wealthier can afford to purchase new, there are always others who are willing to purchase that same item after a few years of use. One acute evidence of the greatness of America is a glorious and free system of buying, selling, bartering, and re-purposing, and not just formally in stores through credit cards, but through personal transactions and trades, leaving free items in the side of the road, where one “man’s junk” is indeed another “man’s treasure” It has led to many homes being improved, many lives being changed, and for people to be able to use and reuse. It has brought out the best in hard work, ingenuity, and resourcefulness.
Is there not a distinction between blatant “consumerism” and the freedom to enjoy through deliberately purchasing and improving, therein fulfilling the creation mandate and making things beautiful and orderly? I am thankful to live in a nation which has promoted this work ethic and freedom to do so. I am thankful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through which He alone, by forgiving me and imparting his righteousness, giving me eternal hope and peace with God, I have acute hope, optimism, and purpose for this earlthly life, not merely the life to come.

A personal letter to a pastor going “woke”

Note: This is a letter I wrote and personally sent 3 1/2 years ago to Pastor Jason Meyer, then the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist who replaced John Piper upon his retirement.  I was grieved and angered at what I was hearing from the pulpit and in print, as a fellow Pastor and Christian, but additionally because both of the reach and influence of Bethlehem Baptist, and that I had several former students sitting under his teaching.  I did not receive a response. Last Week (July 2021) Jason Meyer announced his resignation from Bethlehem, following the resignation of several of fellow “woke” pastors, the agenda he had been converted to and propagating having accomplished exactly what was nefariously intended by the Father of lies, that is, sowing seeds of division within his own church.  

February 2018 

Dear Pastor Jason:

These are my observations and thoughts. I would gladly stand corrected where I am in error or lack context


You don’t know me, but I have known you from afar the past few years, through the Bethlehem Conferences and connections I enjoy with the College and seminary. Born, raised, and still living in Minnesota, I serve as Pastor of Lifespring Church, a little Reformed Baptist church plant in Crosby MN


I graduated from Bethel College (2001). Coming out of Biblical studies dept wrought with a feminist current, liberation theology and Greg Boyd, I can say, by God’s mercy, my faith is non-only intact, but now I have come to embrace Reformed theology and ecclesiology.


The conduit of my personal reform and endurance came through the teaching of Bethlehem Baptist Church and the DG conferences. There, for a young pastor like myself, in the midst of an Arminian, Seeker movement brand of generic evangelicalism, The Gospel and God’s Sovereignty invaded my world and re-orientated my Worldview.


I tell you this because I am not alone, Bethlehem was and has been a city on a hill for many of us. A beacon of accountability to The Gospel and the Holiness of God


I have appreciated your commitment to continuing this. I am sure it is very challenging, a large mega-church complex type of thingy that Bethlehem has become. I know your commitment to preaching the Word and keeping the Gospel front and center, as has been evident in the conferences.


To this end, I address you and admonish you as a friend and fellow young pastor(I am 39):


Please re-consider the embracing of the Social Justice/Identity Politics agenda which is permeating the Pastor’s conference and Bethlehem Baptist Church.


There have been many critiques and pauses written (;;…so I won’t go there in this.


But I believe the direction and insertion of what I can only perceive as a race agenda and identity politics will only serve to divide the church God has entrusted you to shepherd, which is united through the great work of the Spirit and kept unified through the normal means of Grace…Good preaching and sound theology.


I know you are doing with sincerity what you believe is right, yet I listened to your sermon (January 14), It seemed forced, as you borrowed terms and definitions and examples from the world; trying to please the straw men of Culture….the more insecure and guilt-ridden you sounded.


Truthfully Jason, the sermon served, not a call to real faith and repentance based upon God’s moral law and careful application, but a liberation-theology sermon of works-righteousness. Frankly, it sounded like whatever liberal is saying, like something I heard over and over from Bethel College: sowing confusion, not clarity.


If this was the only example, I would have pause before writing you. It is not. The past couple of conferences has this theme present.


I am sure your people now feel guilty, but I fear, not by truly Godly guilt…but from a lesser call; not to examine attitudes of deep pride and favoritism which manifest themselves in a thousand ways, but from having white skin color and culture.


I believe this approach will only divide your church–once you have gone further down your path…your church will fundamentally change…This will be your most important issue until you have achieved some measure of affirmation from the larger culture that you are successful. Then you will be satisfied,….until the next hot-topic comes up demanding a response…This is how liberalism works.


Just because the culture demands a response through its lenses…we should pause and discern, before giving ours. I know you are under tremendous pressure to grow and lead the church…you have a bigger animal to guide than I do…you have a national presence, I do not.


Brother, Preach the Word, God will build his body. If there is something overtly wrong which you can witness and reprove, do so. But attitudes take time to change. I have seen this: Over 16 years in vocational ministry, I have shrunk a youth group from 70 to 40 and now our church gets to 40 attendees on a good day through my preaching of The Word.


I will end with a personal Anecdote:


I was at a Church-planting-boot-camp 9 years ago at Trinity Ev. Divinity School, when I was in the EFCA. It was, frankly, 40 hours of worthless crap. Robert Schuller, Rick Warren, vision casting, big events…growing with excitement…Nothing about warfare, temptations, discouragement, the Gospel, or even Preaching. (by the way, it was led by Raymond Chang, whom you referenced in your sermon),


My wife and I were fish out of water…but so was one other couple: An inner-city black couple. They were stuck out at TEDS as much as we felt, with our Reformed worldview and from northern Minnesota; and they, from a different culture (Inner City), with different color, dress, and talk.


In the middle of the week, the husband stood up in the middle of a mindless session about “crafting impact Mission Statements” and declared: Why can’t we just say something like, ‘we preach the supremacy of Christ to present everyone complete in Him’ straight from Scripture–I don’t know about all this other crap! But I do know Scripture and it is simple for every church: Preach Christ!


It was an awesome rebuke! But seemingly only for him, his wife and myself, and my wife. Through subsequent dinner conversations and other interactions, we came to know them and knew what united us was far more than the affinity of seeker-sensitive churchiness. We had both been remade through the true Gospel and were being reformed in all our thinking.


I haven’t seen them since. I don’t know their names. I am not on social media. It doesn’t matter. Truth untied us. Truth bridged the gap–the Gospel and all the discernment it creates gave us a new culture through renewing our minds. We didn’t need a lecture on racism, on cultural differences; and I am convinced we would have gladly worshiped at the same church, in spite of differences. I don’t remember if we even talked about race, culture, and other differences (the YRR crowd hadn’t made that their hobby-horse yet)…but we didn’t need to…we gloried in our unity.


Jason, the Gospel and all of its fullness is enough! I would exhort you to follow the old paths, utilize the historical creeds and confessions to help keep balance and tension in these issues. God will bring the nations together by the means he has set forth.


Your fellow Shepherd in Christ,

Eric Anderson

Pastor, Lifespring Church, Crosby, MN


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Some Benefits of using a Hymnal

Some Benefits of using a Hymnal. A few years ago, our young church plant made a conscientious and principled decision to move away from the screen and purchase hymn books. One of our members attended a Ligonier conference and returned with “Hymns of Grace” and “The Trinity Hymnal” we choose “Hymn of Grace” for practical reasons (large print, simpler selections). It was one of the best decisions we made and from which many fruits, both obvious and not so observable, can be cataloged. 

This is not a post that has a villain (the screen), nor do would I say that using a screen for worship is wrong. But as I have been thinking through the ways our church has been blessed over the past few years after which we made a deliberate decision to move from Screen to hymn book, I would show, what I believe are some of the great benefits, which I suspect have been unknowingly lost when we, in the past generation, jettisoned the physical hymn book for the convenience and practicality of the screen.  

  1. Faithfulness: With a Hymnbook, you get hundreds of songs for worship that are theologically sound. They have stood the test of time. The Gospel is faithfully declared in song.  

  2. Sing-ability: Why do hymns last generations? Good lyrics? Yes, but also (and equally as important) they are easily learned and singable by all of God’s people. With a hymn book, you get a canon of vetted music that both men and women can sing congregationally. One of the most avoidable tragedies churches have participated in has been presenting un-singable music. I think many think (rightfully) that music must be doctrinally accurate. This is necessary, but it is also to be participatory. High-pitched songs with tone and tempo changes may minister to you, via radio, but will have no place if men cannot sing them in church and stand with their hands in their pockets. Singable music is necessary for congregation worship.

  1. Historicity: A Hymnbook provides a cannon of music which spans generations, era, and continents—There is something about singing old Irish song (Be thou My Vision), Appalachian (What Wondrous Love is This), a song penned by Martin Luther (A Mighty Fortress) or a former slave trader (Amazing Grace) which is both humbling and confidence building.

  2. Variety: You get a canon of music that has a variety of Christian experiences and seasons. I love the Christmas section in “Hymns of Grace” and we have added each year to our repertoire of songs.  Hymnals allow for congregation favorites and seasonal requests. Though I pick the songs each week, and we follow a regular liturgy with at least 5 songs, and I regularly invite people to make requests of their favorites. 

  3. Memorability: Children grow up knowing songs—can they know songs from a screen? Sure…but not if they are constantly changing. I cannot stress how much singing music helps to catechize a congregation. How good it was for me during a particularly difficult season of ministry to have the lyrics of “How Firm a Foundation” in my head, ministering to my soul.

  4. Accessibility: People can read all the verses and memorize them as they see them, for hymns both tell a story and crescendo in meaning (EX: “For the Beauty of the Earth”, “Fairest Lord Jesus”). 

  5. Teachability: People learn, even basically, how to follow the music as it is written. 

  1. Transferability: Hymn Books allow for delegation of singing at times to younger musicians while giving them guardrails which pre-emptively strike down those cringe and apology moments which comes from lack of awareness while leading music (ask any pastor for stories of this).

  2.  Accompaniment:Accompaniment: Hymnals funnel the music towards the piano and voice, with the guitar being an accompanying instrument, yet not the main one, mostly. This actually increases the amount and variety of musicians who can join in.

  3. Preachability: Hymnbooks allow for pastoral illustrations of song lyrics. I can actually say, as a non-poet, that I have poetry memorized and ready to recite.

  4. Practicality: Hymnals allow for Accapella worship when desired, or if the musicians are unavailable (this is especially beneficial for a small church). We know this from experience. Hymnals also cut down on practice time needed for musicians. 

  1. Peaceability: Hymnals cut down upon many, many unnecessary conflicts surrounding worship and worship teams. “Hey man, blame the publisher, not me”. 

  1. Psalm-singing: Hymnals allow for Psalm to be sung without a Psalter. I have a cataloged list of hymns directly translated from Psalms which we sing and mention (EX: “The King of Love my Shepherd is” is from Psalm 23)

  1.  Unity:  Purchasing hymnals has helped with a reverent, consecrated time of singing as pages are turned and eyes follow the music as written. Hymn Books promote loud, manly, confident, joyous singing, as the musical flow has unity with the lyrics. There is hardly anything so glorious or life-giving as hearing voices singing of the confident Victory of King Jesus.   

Two Rainbows

When God calls sodomy (homosexuality) or the female counterpart (women living in unnatural relations) forbidden, it is so, not because God was random and capricious in his judgments (Romans 1:17-32) He was no whimsical tyrant who ebbed and flowed with the weather and tide. Adultery is sex out of its proper context (marriage between a man and a woman). Homosexuality is both adulterous and out of God’s natural order, for He created the World to flourish and humans (image bearers) to take dominion, for which he gave both the context (marriage/family) and order (male and female who complement each other in marriage).
This, in God’s order, is where humanity prospers, it is simple and God declares it good (Genesis 1:31). Sin and rebellion are both complex and chaotic. It is a living judgment. It. does. not. work. period. It is not good. It is unnatural. Will engaging in sin bring temporal happiness?… sure, but these same actions will lead only to long-term judgments, both earthly and eternal.
Don’t believe the happy-clappy, virtue-signaling lies during “Pride” month. All Sexual identities and actions outside of marriage are both sinful and destructive. This is stated, in Scripture, with both deadly somberness (for the sinner) and real, eternal hope (for the repentant). Change and return to God’s created order will happen to those. Each individual, who comes to their senses and repents unto God for their rebellion, accepts that Christ paid the price for their sin and transferred their allegiance from their almighty feelings to them the One, true, and almighty God. This is the way to live. IT is the way to be truly free, learning to be male and female, as God created us to be, in the relationships which make orderly sense.
For God created the real Rainbow as a real and permanent sign that there is real judgment for real rebellion. (Genesis 9) There is also real mercy (and change) for the one who believes God and trusts in Him who took on the flood of God’s Judgement in our place, the Lord Jesus Christ. This is God’s promise.
Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.
Genesis 1:31 And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good
Malachi 3:7 From the days of your fathers you have turned aside from my statutes and have not kept them. Return to me, and I will return to you, says the Lord of hosts
May be an image of one or more people, beard and text

What is Conversion?

What is Conversion? What does it mean to become a Christian? What is similar for all true Christians, and without which, they are not saved?
Look at the words of 1 Timothy 2:4 (God), who desires all people to be saved and “to come to the knowledge of the truth”.
No one slides into salvation through their own culture. No one melds the search for meaning into a general Christian view. No one finds God by the necessity of some sort of Spiritual journey, guru, pilgrimage, resulting in some pluralistic blend of the World’s religions.
That is, by definition, the mark of the False teachers, all false teaching promotes “Fuzzy-ism,” “It seems to me-ism”, “Big-guy upstairs, who accepts you the way you are-ism”.
No, Truth comes to us by God, through the Holy Spirit, unto personal Knowledge of the Gospel truths. Anyone who is saved, here, is renewed in the Mind to recognize this Truth, which is alien to us in our carnal state, and comes to it, acknowledges it, believes it, obeys it.
I Timothy 2:4 is describing Conversion through Cognition. One cannot remain Fuzzy about the Gospel and be truly converted. One cannot refuse to seek clarity (truth) about God and His Good news and have the assurance that they have been converted.
Here is Truth, believe it, know it, be converted by it.
(5) For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, (6) who gave himself as a ransom for all, which is the testimony given at the proper time.

Bruce/Caitlin Jenner for Governor: Several observations, convictions and truth statements

by Pastor Eric Anderson

(I am not presuming that Bruce/Caitlin Jenner will be nominated, or is even serious about actually running,  but this is what makes the news today, and several realities converge at once)  

  1. He is a man. Bruce Jenner is a male name that corresponds to his God-given sex.

  2. Bruce/Caitlin is embodying two lies: That he is a woman and that you can change your God-given biological reality. This is the pagan/satanic worship of the self in full array.

  3. He is probably the Governor that California deserves

  4. This is what Judgement from God looks like (Romans 1)—from the act and the guaranteed chaos that follows.

  5. Does anyone ever ask what Bruce’s children and grandchildren think? What do those say, who have had to answer for his narcissism? Where is the compassion for them?

  6. It amazes me the extent that we will go for the appearance of woke or political correctness. What has Bruce ever lead? What minuscule credentials does he have. This is not merely nonsense, it is a nightmare.

  7. The fact that some Republicans will inevitably support him shows that they care about winning the election at all costs, and only the election.

  8. The fact that Nikki Haley continually referred to him in a recent interview as She says a lot about Nicky Haley, not about Bruce’s credentials

  9. The State that willingly votes in gubernatorial authority by Bruce Jenner, a man who poses as a caricature named Caitlin Jenner, will continue to slide into catastrophic, in spite of his surface conservatism.

  10. This is all about Bruce’s never-ending quest for peace and affirmation, and others filling up their “woke” credential cards.  

    My Prayer: Oh that Bruce and all who support him in this wicked nonsense would come to his senses and repent to the living God for forgiveness and purpose. That he would turn from his narcissistic worship of self to one of God, and be the man he has refused to be. God will change him. He will be a new creation, with clear thinking to fulfill his God-given purposes. Oh, we as a people would stop using him for cheap thrills, as a token for progressive inclusivity, and for political strategy; for this is wicked.