Wednesday Evenings:

Our Wednesday Evenings will focus on two aspects: 15 minutes of doctrinal teaching from the London Baptist Confession 1689, followed by 60 minutes of group and individual prayer.  

Please Join us at 6:30 in the Fireside room on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month.

Occasionally, we begin earlier (5:30) with a potluck meal…inviting the Kids club and parents to join us.  

Additionally, children can either join  the adults for the teaching time, or, as resources permit, be taught in the basement on a similar Biblical topic or from a Reformed catechism…followed by chaperoned-organized-chaos in the fellowship hall. 

Kid’s Club:

Each Wednesday afternoon children and youth from our church family and the community gather at 4:00 for 20 minutes of Bible instruction from the “young baptists confession”, followed by 45 minutes of Dodge-ball in the basement.  It is both a time for teaching and outreach to our community. 

Men’s and Women’s Groups:

Men’s Group:  2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday mornings @ 6:30 (“Christless Christianity,” by Michael Horton)

Women’s Study:  1st and 3rd Wednesday Evenings @6:30 (“Conversation peace” by Mary Kassian)