Sunday Morning

Lifespring’s Sunday morning worship  is filled with songs, prayer and celebration. Lifespring is committed to faithful, weekly proclamation of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, as laid out in the timeless and living pages of Scripture.

We believe in and celebrate the Biblical imperative of Baptism for a Christian —repenting sins by turning to God in faith for their Salvation in Jesus Christ. Baptism is a visual testimony of the “regenerating work” of the Holy Spirit and the commitment to follow Jesus Christ unashamedly and unrivaled. (For Convictions in Believer Baptism, see the book “going Under” at our welcome table.

We celebrate Communion, the visual reminder of the Gospel, every couple of weeks as a church body. Communion is open to all professing Christians in good standing with their local church.

During communion we eat bread and drink juice together from a table in the front of the worship service. The bread is broken, symbolizing and celebrating that Christ was the sacrifice for our sins in our place. The juice symbolizes the wrath and punishment Christ took by giving his lifeblood for ours.

Communion is a visual, communal and experiential celebration in the Good News of Christ that his death and subsequent resurrection is enough to bring us from enmity to favor with God. Only his life, death and resurrection could do this.  This is the Gospel and it is truly good news.

Following the Benediction, we gather for fellowship and food in the basement hall each week, highlighted by our monthly potlucks.  Our elders make themselves available to pray for individuals.

Sunday School: Beginning in December 2018, we will be adding 30 minutes of Doctrinal/Theological Teaching and Discussion, using the London Baptist Confession as our guide.  Pastor Eric will lead this teaching and it is available to all, beginning at 11:45 in the basement  hall, following morning fellowhship and snacks.  


I Corinthians 11:17-34
Communion is a regular practice of Celebration, instituted by Jesus Christ for the encouragement, edification, anticipation and Spiritual Nourishment of true Christians in the church until heaven.