Some thoughts on loving our neighbor in the new Marxist Honor/shame culture.

by Pastor Eric Anderson
In Mark 12:31, The Lord Jesus Christ declared The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself….’ In Titus 2:10…there is a call to “Adorn the Gospel”…(with honest and good works towards others)
It is my conviction that in the coming days, as Christians who are also US Citizens, our good works towards our neighbors will increasingly need to include honest and bold truth-speaking, which is both legal and political, yet local as much as national.
In the increasingly Totalitarian tyranny of both Government and the Woke mob, our neighbors will see an increasing struggle to make “ends meet,” as well as the freedom to speak and act freely, amidst the Honor/shame Marxist culture where you can be prosecuted in the court of public opinion (as well as legal courts) for doing normal things and refusing to do what used to be normal things.
Our pressing need, therefore, and our neighbor’s pressing need, is to defend their rights and reputation, both publicly and privately.
This doesn’t mean that everyone has to become a legal scholar, but, as Christians, we must have growing confidence in the authority and understanding of the Creation Mandate, the created order, and the prescriptions and ethics of the Law of God.
*We will need to defend this from Scripture, reason, and the US Constitution, even in the legal courts, for the sake of our neighbor, for our neighbor not only needs food and basic essentials but the liberty and right to create and earn and keep these essentials.
*We need to both teach and defend the created norms from Scripture and remind our neighbors they are not crazy for thinking so. We will need to defend our neighbor in the face of tyranny from both the mob and, sadly, some in the Government bureaucracy. We will need to teach what are both the established authorities amongst societies (family, church, state) as well as the limits of each.
*We must learn to say a strong “no” to sin and tyranny and see that this is a good and necessary endeavor, before God and for the sake of our neighbors.
*We will need to understand both the eighth and ninth commandment against those who would steal from our neighbor and bear false witness against them, based upon their skin color, health/safety choices, school decisions, and/or their commitment to raise their boys as boys and girls as girls.
I believe, in the new secular/pagan Marxist religion of our time, we can presume nothing.
Our Gospel presentations will need to include the Christian view of the world and life: which creational freedoms Christ won and reestablished for us in his victory over sin and death.
Jesus was both Fully God but also Fully Man and his life, death, and resurrection, applied through faith and repentance, truly transforms us become the men and women, workers and employees, even government officials, that God created us to be, no longer deceived but living and abiding in the truth.
We, the beloved and redeemed children of God, of all people, should understand and grow in our convictions of these matters, that speaking the “Truth” in love is not only good for us but is a necessary means of loving our neighbor amidst the lies of our culture. Our words spoken do and will matter.
New City Catechism:
Q: What does the eighth and ninth commandment state:
A: Eighth, that we do not take without permission that which belongs to someone else, nor withhold any good from someone we might benefit. Ninth, that we do not lie or deceive, but speak the truth in love.