The Denial Holy Mysteries is the beginning of Heresy

By Pastor Eric Anderson
All False teaching, all Gospel denying and re-creating heresy begins with the arrogant presumption that a human can resolve tensions which God alone, as Holy and set apart, has authority over. “In the Beginning God…..” (Genesis 1:1)
These Holy Mysteries included, but are not limited to:
*the tensions of God’s Providence and Man’s Responsibility, both being truth at once;
*The two realities that Jesus Christ was truly God and Truly Man;
*The Nature of the Tri-unity of God in Three persons, all distinct yet all unified in the God head at the same time.
All these are Holy Mysteries revealed.
True Christianity acknowledges these mysteries of God, studies them, yet accepts them in the humble declaration that we are limited creatures and God is not. True worship is God-ward, declaring wonderous mysteries: the glory, attributes, and works of God, while acknowledging we will never plumb their depths, heights or widths.
Heresy, on the other hands, seeks to solve what is unsolvable, resolve what is not ours to resolve, and figure out what our limited minds simply cannot. Heresy ends up rejecting the Holiness of God, in his essence and actions. Heresy necessarily denies the extent of human sinfulness and inability, by demanding that God acquiesce to us. Heresy always leads to a man-obsessed worship, a new path of salvation, by functionally refusing to to acknowledge that “Salvation belongs to the LORD” (Psalm 3:8)
Yet, Salvation does both belong to the Lord and is offered freely to wicked, proud men and women, who will repent of their heretical, self-sufficient searches for meaning and worship Him alone, through his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the Good news of the Gospel.