What is Reformed? (10 “C”s)

In light of the 504 anniversary of the Christian Reformation Day, what does it mean to be Reformed? It is to hold to Sola Scriptura: to maximize all we can learn from all of Scripture from all of God to all of life. From God’s Word we are Re-formed and being reformed. We become that for which were made and for which Christ redeemed. To this end, to summarize, here are 10 C’s of being Re-formed in light of their counter-parts:
We are Calvinistic (vs Arminian-ism and/or semi-pelagianism)
We are Confessional (vs mere gospel centered-ism)
We are Covenantal (vs dispensational)
We are Creational (vs gnostis-ism)
We are Consummational (vs. Pietistic defeatism and radical two kingdoms reduction-ism)
We are a Church (vs autonomous individualism)
We are catholic (small letter “c) (vs. both doctrinal perfectionist-ic separatist-ism and what is the RCC)
We are Christ Alone (vs roman-ism and/or guru-ism)
We are Consistent Public Theologians (vs. Privatization of faith)
We are Confident Christians who have real purposes in this life (vs. “fearful saints” who are “hanging on” for Christ’s return)
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