Worship and What’s Wrong with the World

by Pastor Eric 


Who is God? He is Creator. Before Creation was, there was a Creator. This means that God is Set-apart from Creation. He is distinct in all He is. In His essence He is perfect and all loving, all powerful and all just all the time. Above which there is none greater, before which, there was no source.  


Why is this important?  Christianity, the Worship of One True God, is What Dr. Peter Jones calls Two-ist. Meaning that There is a distinction between Creator, who is set-apart and independent, and Creation(us,) who are created, limited and totally dependent upon God.


What is wrong with world? We are. Human beings, God’s very good creation, rebelled. Refusing to Humbly acknowledge Holy God and His Holy Created order, we deceive ourselves into thinking that nothing is Transcendent, that All truth is in what we prefer or feel.


Romans 1:25 declares that, being and Spirital people by nature, our problem is not that we worship , but that we choose to worship created things which should not be worshipped.


The Delusion that we are the Creator and that God is not, this is called One-ism..that we can become God. That we can find solution from creation. This is self-worship, that me and God are the same.


How has this Worked? Not well, to vastly understate the reality. Dennis Prager says that Secularism (or Paganism) begins with the breaking down of every Holy distinction which is given by God in Creation (Genesis 1-2) The distinctions are between God/Man, Man/Amimal, Male/Femal, Good/Evil,and in trying to finding meaning, worship and healing in ourselves, we violate these holy distinctions.   


Abortion: the offering up of Babies at the alter of personal convenience, Feminism and Efffimate/emmasculated men: the offering up of our roles pf male and female for the perceived religion of Freedom and autonomy. Think of the controversies raging around ideas such as transgenderism, sodomy, adultery and lesbianism—beliving that we can create our own meaning and rebel against God’s created order in the bodies which we possess.


This is all One-ist–thinking: that we are creators and can make our own meaning. That there is nothing transcendently Holy. If it feels or or makes me feel authentic, then it must be good, so goes our rationalization.


 Is God angry? Oh yes he is! God reigns and He is unchanging, and Death proves we cannot excape our Creator; and will face final judgment for our deeds.  The consequences of His Eternal judment are displayed in preview in the conflict, depair, suicide, lonliness present and increasing in our current culture. Even the breakdown of family is judgment which comes from rebelliing against any standards set by God.      


Enter Christianity. Christianity is Two-ist. It is not about feelign better, or having your best Life now. It is a Holy worship of New Birth, true life. It is Returning to Holy Creator God by Faith and Repentance.


Why? God did not fail. Our sin has not incapacitated him. the Creator was not affected nor suprised by our rebellion. He has made a solution. John 3:16 says that for God so loved the world that He gave his only son, that whosoever believs in HIm shlal not perish but have Eternal Life.  


How? Holy God has made a Way. In Him is Hope. For He came into the world as a Perfect Son, the 2nd Member of the Trinity–He lived a perfect life, died a designed Atoning death, satisfying the wrath and just punishment we have earned. He chose to love his creation, even rebellious self-worshippers. He was buried for our sins and rise again.


This is the Good News. Believe in HIm. Repent of your wicked one-ist worship, of destroying His world by acting like you were Him. Read His Word and let it re-order your whole of Worship. Join a faithful church which preaches and proclaims the Good News of His Son from the Bible. He is alive today–He is willing to forgiven and receive repentant sinners. Worship Him.